Perhaps you can relate to the sense of accomplishment you feel knowing that your business had grown to the point where you can no longer manage everything on your own. As you reach the milestone of hiring your first employees, however, you may also feel a deep sense of responsibility to ensure your business succeeds because someone else’s livelihood now depends on it as well. Below are some tips to make this exciting yet sometimes scary milestone go as smoothly as possible for you.

Don’t Delay in Hiring Employees if You Have Room in the Business Budget

When you try to juggle too many roles at once, you run the risk of failing at all of them. We recommend considering all the tasks you need to accomplish such as marketing, product procurement, accounting, and customer service. Decide which tasks and roles you are naturally good at and feel energized by doing and then hire out the rest. You can always start with temporary or contract workers if you don’t feel ready to commit to a permanent full-time or part-time employee.

Go Beyond the Typical Interview Questions to Find the Perfect Job Candidate

People trying to get a job usually know how to sell themselves and tell hiring managers what they want to hear. Anyone can play up their experience, education, or skills, but just having these things doesn’t mean the employee will be a good match with your company. A better way to get a feel for the applicant’s abilities is to ask him or her to complete a task such as de-escalating a customer service issue. Asking future employees to give specific scenarios of how they performed in past jobs will also give you an idea of how they will perform for you.

It’s also worth noting that technical skills are not always the most important thing. The first employees you hire should also have the passion and potential to grow with your new small business. Most business owners seem to instinctively know when they have found such a person.

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