Many contractors will tell you how stressful it gets when it comes to funding a construction company. There are some significant risks involved, including having to accommodate clients who don’t honor the payment contract. 

Other times, these contractors might also find themselves in a position where they have to break ground on a different task even without first receiving previous ones. Here are some of the financing options for those who might be interested in funding alternatives for their companies in the construction business.

SBA Loans

SBA (Small Business Association) loans are granted by governments in a particular country and are available even to various construction firms. You can access these loans through an accredited lending institution with a maximum of ten years’ worth of repayment time. 

Different lending institutions offer varying rates after verifying whether you qualify for a loan. However, your business must be registered as a small business enterprise to be considered a beneficiary.

Construction Loans

The construction loans are usually offered for the short term and can be utilized to renovate or construct properties. After applying for this loan, you will get your payouts in installments. 

This will be after clearing out the down payment, which goes up to 25 percent of the total loaned amount. You can then choose to clear the full amount after finishing off your project, although there is an option to turn that into a mortgage payment.

Contractor Line of Credit

This form of financing refers to a credit line that you can access from any lending institution that has it. After the application, you will then have a lot of cash at your disposal. 

What makes this form of financing stand out is that the interest you pay will only be calculated from how much money you’ve spent. Contactor Line of Credit is best suited for emergency financial needs since you shouldn’t have to clear any interests if you haven’t spent anything from the funds.


At Infinity Lending Solutions, there are several financing options, all tailored to meet different needs. Feel free to contact Infinity Lending Solutions if you need funding for your construction business.