purchase order financing

Your Purchase Order Financing Solution

Producers, wholesalers, distributors and resellers all rely on presold merchandise or finished goods. Delivering the value, convenience and service promised to their customers is a priority, and nothing should stand in the way of accomplishing that in your small business. Infinity Lending Solutions’s purchase order financing ensures that your orders ship, helping you build and maintain positive relationships with your customers.

How Our P.O. Financing Works

P.O. financing is based on a simple premise: We pay your suppliers so that you goods ship, your customers pay us directly, we deduct our fees and you keep the rest. We assist domestic producers, importers and exporters with funding that doesn’t increase bank debt or negatively impact equity. P.O. financing is especially useful for startups and companies with cash flow issues. With this fast and flexible method, you can position your business for growth in several ways:

  • Consistent on-time customer deliveries
  • Ability to increase market share
  • Building a positive brand reputation
  • The capability of filling large and unexpected orders

Let Us Help Your Business Grow

With our purchase order financing, you can better meet the challenges of growing your enterprise. Our certified financial specialists can answer your questions and advise you of your options. To learn more or apply for financing, contact us today.