equipment financing

We Are a Preferred Provider of Consumer Financing

At Infinity Lending Solutions, we specialize in equipment financing for businesses of all types. We know that equipment is a universal requirement for any startup that wants the highest chance of success. We’ll extend financing for practically any kind of equipment, including backhoes and office equipment. Our excellent interest rates and attractive repayment terms make our programs very popular for businesses that require middle-market and large-ticket financing.

Our Equipment Leasing and Financing Programs

We have  a variety of equipment financing programs available. Once we understand your needs a little better, we’ll recommend a program to you from the following list.

  • Startup Programs: These programs are designed for brand-new businesses that don’t have the money required to purchase equipment. If your business is less than two years old, you have a good chance of qualifying for this program.
  • Government and Municipal Programs: We go out of our way to guarantee equipment funding to state and federal government agencies as well as municipal entities. We provide funding to any of the following: public schools, libraries, armed services, police departments, government agencies and fire houses.
  • Second Chance Programs: Do you think you deserve a second chance after your credit has been damaged? So do we! Our B,C and D credit programs help businesses without exceptional credit get the financing they require.
  • Sale and Lease Back Programs: These programs are the perfect solution for companies that own equipment but need money right away. Through this program, you can opt to sell us your equipment. Then, we’ll turn right around and allow you to lease the equipment back from us. You’ll get instant cash without losing access to your equipment. It’s a win/win situation.

Leasing equipment makes sense for a lot of businesses. If you want to learn more about our equipment leasing or financing programs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.