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Infinity Lending Solutions is in the problem-solving business. Problems such as a lack of working capital to get the next job done, financing a piece of equipment that will make your business more efficient and profitable and securing investment real estate that will enable someone to earn money while they sleep. The partners at Infinity, Marty Faubus and Dane Daniel, have a strong connection to small businesses and understand the day-to-day operations of main street businesses in a world that often leaves them behind. Marty has been in the finance space for most of his adult life. Ranging from financing automobiles in the consumer market to multi-million-dollar heavy equipment deals, Marty understands that at the end of the day all he deals with are people. People are at the heart of every deal Marty does and he strives to earn the trust and respect of those who count on him to be their financing partner. Dane, like Marty, has been an entrepreneur for most of his professional career. He believes that education is a key ingredient to strengthening his client’s financial profile. A PhD in Strategic Management, Dane concentrated his education on enabling small businesses to overcome financial struggles and not only survive but thrive. Infinity Lending Solutions strives to meet its client’s short term and long term needs by placing them in a constant state of readiness for all situations, good and bad, which may arise. We are a company built on relationships and look forward helping our clients build toward their future.
Finally, the funding you need. When everyone else says no, we say yes! Contact us to start your success plan today and you’ll never lack the funding you need to grow your business.
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