Monthly Archives: November 2020

Tips for Structuring Your Small Business

The business structure that you choose for your new small business makes a big difference with how you pay taxes, the amount you pay, and your personal liability should a customer or creditor sue you. Below we outline the various... Read More

How to Keep Healthy Cash Flows Through a Business Rough Patch

Maintaining positive cash flows can be challenging with everyday business concerns. The coronavirus pandemic that took the world by surprise in early 2020 has had a major impact on thousands of small businesses, some of which may not recover. At... Read More

5 Benefits of Monitoring Your Business Credit Report

If you plan to borrow money for your small business, it’s important to establish and maintain a good business credit report. Like the credit reporting agencies for consumers, business credit bureaus maintain data such as the name of the lender,... Read More

Tips for Offering Consumer Financing

When customers are interested in purchasing a product or service, they are most likely to follow through with the sale when it happens on the same day. Unfortunately, many decide they can’t afford it after all or want to go... Read More